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Berlin is the city for shopping, long nights, cultural adventure and nature lovers - finding the right apartment is only half the battle! Therefore, specializing in fulfilling wishes, BEWOCON always offers pieces of jewelry for rent.

Hasenheide 74-76B

The new construction project in Hasenheide shows itself on the outside by contemporary architecture, urban green flat roofs, apart designed facades and on the inside by tasteful limestone clad foyers. Experience the spacious interior designs, all equipped with branded kitchens from allmilmö with an energy-efficient refrigerator, glass ceramic hob and dishwasher.




Amadeusz Mittelstaedt

+49 (0)30 208 48 99 58
+49 (0)15736336364

Hönower Strasse 117

The three-story Wilhelminian style building has seven residential units that are between 52 and 117 square meters in size and offer one or two bedrooms. The two-storey garden house features four apartments with two rooms each, which are between 54 and 63 square meters in size and whose living and dining areas are airy and open. In the front building there are basements for all residential units; there are also four in-house car parking spaces available.



Sebastian Sek

+49 (0)30 208 48 99 117