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11 beautiful apartments in the countryside
Berlin – Hellersdorf


Take a deep breath away from the hustle and bustle of the capital

Berlin - a place of longing for people from all over the world. Each neighborhood is a separate cosmos; in this diversity, all living and living dreams can come true. In the German capital, glass facades reminiscent of New York are complemented by listed Wilhelminian style buildings, bustling shopping streets with quiet oases of relaxation and star cuisine with the Urberlin currywurst. Whether local or newcomer, whether party goers or early shift workers, whether students or managing directors, whether young or old: in Berlin everyone will find the neighborhood that suits them.

About the Project

Feel good in a green environment

Flanked to the north and south by green and water areas, a very special ensemble has emerged at Hönower Straße 117: A grand old building from the Wilhelminian era has found its perfect counterpart in a sophisticated new garden shed. The bright, friendly facade and the generous window fronts of the front building continue in the garden house, as does the consistent principle of additional open spaces through terraces and balconies for every apartment. Let your gaze wander through the beautifully designed garden, enjoy the proximity to the Kaulsdorfer lakes or the hiking trails in the Hoppegarten. In your new home you will experience living close to nature, without having to forego comfort, elegance or fast routes to the heart of the capital.


Stately old building meets modern elegance

The three-story Wilhelminian style building has seven residential units that are between 52 and 117 square meters in size and offer one or two bedrooms. The two-storey garden house features four apartments with two rooms each, which are between 54 and 63 square meters in size and whose living and dining areas are airy and open. In the front building there are basements for all residential units; there are also four in-house car parking spaces available. On the roof of the garden house, a state-of-the-art solar system converts solar energy into usable energy. A wrought iron fence with electric gate entry and a video intercom with monitor ensure that you can feel safe at all times.


Comfortable ambience at the highest level

Our sophisticated living complex offers you comfort down to the last detail. The high-quality, heated parquet floor as well as the custom-made solid wood doors ensure a homely feeling of wellbeing. The sun, which falls through the large floor-to-ceiling window fronts in the front and garden house, not only puts the tasteful decorative ceiling profiles in the right light, but also your individual style. The kitchens are already equipped for you: Classic stoves with glass ceramic hobs and extractor hoods, stainless steel built-in sinks, dishwashers and energy-efficient refrigerators set no limits to your culinary fantasies. Selected travertine tiles in warm earth tones in combination with sophisticated lighting concepts create a unique flair in the timeless designer bathrooms. The equipment series from Grohe, Vigour and Villeroy & Boch ensure that you can get out of everyday life in the long term and at any time and come to rest.

Currently available apartments

WE01 2 rm 54.85 sqm EG Price 749,00 € Leased
Front Building
WE01 4 rm 115.28 sqm EG Price 1.400,00 € Leased 360°-Ansicht
WE02 2 rm 63.86 sqm EG Price 899,00 € Leased
Front Building
WE02 2 rm 56.75 sqm EG Price 750,00 € Leased
WE03 2 rm 63.84 sqm 1.OG Price 890,00 € Leased
Front Building
WE03 3 rm 85.87 sqm 1.OG Price 1.179,00 € Leased 360°-Ansicht
WE04 2 rm 63.86 sqm 1.OG Price 899,00 € Leased
Front Building
WE04 2 rm 52.99 sqm 1.OG Price 744,00 € Leased
WE05 3 rm 84.29 sqm 2.OG Price 1.179,00 € Leased
WE06 2 rm 52.99 sqm 2.OG Price 754,00 € Leased 360°-Ansicht
WE07 2 rm 117.46 sqm Dachgeschoss Price 1.479,00 € Available Floor plan 360°-Ansicht



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