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Templiner Park — Project news

The Templiner Park development sets a confident architectural accent in a neighbourhood characterized primarily by historic buildings.Through the interplay of forms and proportions of the surrounding late 19th Century residential buildings and itsivorycolored facades, the new development fits perfectly into the neighbouring cityscape. The small-scale,  vertical arrangement in the Fehrbelliner Straße corresponds harmonically to the opposite buildings – an effect which is also supportedby the different surface finishes used. The residential development exudes calm towards the adjacent square with its long horizontal lines and recessed balconies and makes reference to the park with its trees and landscaped areas.


The thermal insulation will be inserted

TEMPLINER PARK gets a modern thermal insulation that will be fitted on the outside of the Wall. This will save a lot of energy!


Start of the interior construction 

Most of the windows are in place and the works on the facade have started. Furthermore, the major electronic work, the indoor plasterwork and the installation of the elevator have started as well.  


The ceilings and the walls of the 5th level are finished

At the beginning of April the raw construction of floor five was completed. Afterwards the raw construction of level six, the final floor, has started.


The ceilings of the 4th level are finished

Since the beginning of February the ceilings of the 4th level have been finished and the currently the walls of the 5th floor are under construction. Furthermore, you get a first idea of the dimension of the spacious courtyard.


The ceilings and the walls of the 3rd level are finished

The ceilings and the walls of the 3rd floor have been finished. Currently you can already see the floor plates of the first apartments and you get an idea of the dimension of the courtyard.


The core and shell of the 1st floor is under construction

Since August the walls for the ground floor are finished. The ceiling above the ground floor is currently being concreted in sections and since the beginning of September the core and shell work for the 1st floor has started.

Hence, the construction process of the Templiner Park is completely according to the schedule if not even a bit ahead.


The ground floor walls are under construction

The complete clearance of the construction site for the Templiner Park has taken place after the Kaiser supermarket moved out on the 31st of December 2015. Within the first three weeks in January 2016 the supermarket has been entirely demolished and the excavation of the building pit has started. During May the base plates have been poured and since the beginning of July the basement walls are finished.The ceiling above the basement has already been completed in the middle of July and since August the walls for the ground floor are under construction.


Flowers for Templiner Park

On a sunny Saturday morning the project team of our property development „Templiner Park” surprised the residents with a special event:

More than 3.000 tulips, packed in small paper bags, were handed over to the surprised and delighted residents living around our project development. With this little gesture our team wanted to say thank you and to give the residents the opportunity to receive extra information about the project and also to ask some critical questions. At the end not only a successful event, but also an event which generated new interest in the project.


Bewocon begins exclusive new building project at the Teutoburger Platz

Berliner Wohnbau Consult GmbH commenced marketing of an exclusive new construction project in Prenzlauer Berg today, one of the most popular districts of the capital.


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