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Berlin is what you make of it

The most beautiful thing about Berlin is that not only does it have countless faces, but that these faces keep changing over and over again. Influenced by the many visitors and newly arrived, creative original Berliners as well as those who have come here by choice, the numerous cultures gathered here and an insatiable thirst for new, every neighbourhood experiences permanent movement, upheaval, slower at times, faster at times, but always in motion. At the same time, this city that never sleeps succeeds again and again in offering small refuges and havens, that defy the pace of the streets. Riversides paths along the Spree and the canals, charming parks and enchanted backyards located in the middle of the steadily growing metropolis, underscoring the harmonic tension that perplexedly prevails here.


At the pulse of life

Creativity, openness and change are most palpable in the neighbourhoods surrounding Berlin’s centre. During summer months, this is where life happens on the streets and at the squares, in the courtyards and on the rooftop terraces. The first rays of sunshine lure people out to the streets - the roads and squares are filled with colours, happy faces and numerous languages. Like almost no other neighbourhood, the area around Sophiastrasse compresses quiet residential streets radiating a magical charm of a small city, diverse shops, a beautiful park and the rich cultural offerings of the opposite Museum Island within the smallest area. The U- and S-Bahn offer perfect connections, that will get you everywhere in practically no time.


Not a single desire remains unfulfilled here

The streets around Mitte, with the Hackescher Market, Rosenthaler Square, Münzstrasse and Alten Schönhauser Strasse, are a real shopping El Dorado. The bustling neighbourhood is full of cafés and restaurants, where you can dine on a different cuisine every day of the week. Here you can find delis, owner-managed retail businesses and Berlin designers but also major brands and pop-up stores. The Monbijou Park and the banks of the River Spree invite you to relax, while the museums, theatres and cinemas are tempting with their cultural diversity. The bars and clubs offer nightlife for every taste. A completely unique lifestyle is celebrated at the stand bar in Monbijou Park and nearby Clärchens Ballhaus, while numerous cocktail bars offer something more dignified.

Suzanne Kirstein / Head of International Sales

// I love to cycle to all my treasured places

Berlin offers so much variety to all of us that choose to live here from so many different parts of the world. With it’s cool edgy and fun atmosphere it doesn’t take itself too seriously, but it's always open to new ideas and opportunities. I love to cycle through the center of the city, Mitte, as it’s so easy to get to all my treasured places, great coffee at The Barn or my favourite cinema at Hackescher Markt showing independent films. Walking down Unter den Linden is always interesting, as I never fail to be impressed by the Dome and some of the beautiful Palaces that are being restored and if I want to make a quick visit to one of the museums close by, then it’s a short walk away. So when the weekend comes I feel I have a choice of undiscovered adventurer’s right on my doorstep…Berlin the best city in the world.

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