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Berlin has space for everything and everybody

This city, which at first sight overwhelms with its size, its volume and its tempo, reveals itself at second sight as conglomerate of many, charming little "Kieze". Each of these Kieze has its peculiarities, its own rhythm, its own face. This diversity and the fact that these faces are exisiting side by side but being one is what makes Berlin so unique. Students, families, seniors, Urberliner, newly arrived ones, East and West, corner pub, universities, bookshops, cafés, shopping centres and family-owned retail - Berlin has space for everything and everybody. So Berlin does not have to overwhelm, but can be conquered and loved step by step.


Multicultural world city in Berlin

In recent years, Kreuzberg has become the most popular residential district of the capital, because it makes people curious and quickly captivates them. To live, to work and to celebrate here means to be where life takes place. Always on the pulse of time and fast-moving, sometimes shrill, always creative, but constantly open, Kreuzberg is a multicultural melange. For the Kreuzberger it is certain: his district is the coolest of Berlin. It stands for colorful culture, is an experimental field for alternative life models and a place of longing for young creatives. Artists create here their freeraces, on the streets, in the backyards and studios.

Art & Creativity

Culture meets alternative lifestyle

Berlin's start-up scene revolves around the Moritzplatz and creates here the ideas for tomorrow. The creative space is shared collectivly - for urban gardening or artistic unfolding. Ateliers are lined up in the same way as the most demanding museums in the city, including the Berlinische Galerie, the Martin-Gropius-Bau and the Jewish Museum. Spend an evening of contemporary dance, theater and performance and great street food stores in the Markthalle Neun. In Kreuzberg you can find around the Schlesische Tor, the Oranienstrasse and the Mehringdamm a variety of bars, restaurants and clubs. No matter if you want to have a great diner, drink cocktails or go dancing - here you will find the right thing.

Andreas Ebel / Business Development Manager

// Melting pot of cultures – more Berlin is not possible!

Kreuzberg is one of the most beautiful Berlin’s districts for me. With its exciting variety of restaurants, bars and entertainment possibilities, you can get the best out of everything. Whether on foot, by bike or by train, Kreuzberg is perfectly connected and you can reach any destination in the city center within minutes. What makes this charming neighborhood special is the melting pot of cultures and mix of young families, artists and founders. It does not get more Berlin that this!

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