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To dwell means to be a human being

„The real art of living is to see the wonderful things in everyday life.“

As one of Berlin's leading real estate sales companies, we create future-oriented living space. Open communication and comprehensive consultation and support of our international clientele form the core of our corporate philosophy.




in Lichtenberg with 50 Apartments

Modern Loft-Architecture

for Individualists



2052 Industry Lofts

Maximum Space for personal living dreams 

2052 Lofts Lichtenberg is the squaring of exceptional loft-feeling - just one metro stop away from Friedrichshain. You have the opportunity to create an urban home that is second to none and certainly one at any time: expressing your unique personality. The metamorphosis of a former administration building into 50 residential lofts with character begins with the square floor plan. It determines the peculiarity of the architecture and thus becomes the impetus for the realignment.



Green Idyll

in Steglitz with 24 Apartments

Noble living ambience

in green Area

2020 March


La Bollène

Your personal Founder Time Gem

The lordly, embossed by bay windows and balconies Wilhelminian facade blends organically into the rich green street scene. The entrance area is marble embossed, rich in finely crafted, elaborate stucco and tastefully lit. The charming apartment doors are decorated with ornate decorations; the apartments themselves are characterized by high ceilings typical of old buildings, impressive French doors with Art Nouveau fittings and gleaming parquet floors. Spacious and elaborately designed windows flood your new home with natural light. La Bollène has undergone a thorough and careful renovation from the front of the house, through staircases, basement and doors to the intercom and alarm system, so you will not have to compromise on contemporary comfort in this noble Wilhelminian style piece of jewelery.



Living in Wuhlheide

36 residential units in Köpenick

Elegant living ambience

The green waterside location of Berlin



Living Spree 2.0

Dwelling on the waterfront, living in the river

The modern ensemble of multi-family houses integrates into the bank structures, as if the beautiful property on the Spree has been waiting for nothing else. The building, descending onto the waterfront with generous steps, ends in a river-walk that has its own jetty.

Various types of 3- or 4-room flats, hidden behind the bright clinker facade, meet the the modern housing standards in every aspect. The modern architecture lets plenty of light to enter the living space, while the numerous floor-length windows provide clear separation between the outside and the inside.




MonArch GmbH

Competent. Confidential. Convincing.

It’s very rare to find a professional but very humble organization ready to stand with you whenever you need them.


Always a Joy to work with them.

Bewocon is a real dream customer for us; brave, demanding and with great pleasure for creative communication.



Clearly the best city in the world

The constantly reinventing spirit of this city is what defines it, what drives it and what makes it to the unique metropolis that we love so much. Delightfully unconventional, honest, open-minded, varied, sometimes loud, rarely reserved and always wonderfully relaxed. Berlin offers so many different living environments with its multi-faceted exterior that everyone can find their perfect home here. Live surrounded by nature, quiet, with private water access or right in the middle of the colorful hustle and bustle - or of course anywhere in between.

What we do with passion


Lucyna Zykova / Head of Analytics and Reporting

// Moabit - lively, sassy and friendly

The quarter on the banks of the Spree river, though not one of the capital’s most beautiful districts, does have much to offer and is inspiring with its naughty, friendly spirit. Lordly old buildings on quiet backstreets are interwoven with practical, yet styleless 50-year-old structures to create delightful small alleys along the water, with Istanbul’s exuberant flair. Embraced by the Spree, famous for the central railway station - these are Moabit’s hallmarks. Where else would one find a house, guarded by a dozen cherubs, the best shawarma in town and Berlin’s oldest confectionery? Obviously only here - because “Moabit is the best”.


Andreas Ebel / Business Development Manager

// Melting pot of cultures – more Berlinis not possible!

Kreuzberg is one of the most beautiful Berlin’s districts for me. With its exciting variety of restaurants, bars and entertainment possibilities, you can get the best out of everything. Whether on foot, by bike or by train, Kreuzberg is perfectly connected and you can reach any destination in the city center within minutes. What makes this charming neighborhood special is the melting pot of cultures and mix of young families, artists and founders. It does not get more Berlin that this!


Suzanne Kirstein / Head of International Sales

// I love to cycle to all my treasured places

Berlin offers so much variety to all of us that choose to live here from so many different parts of the world. With it’s cool edgy and fun atmosphere it doesn’t take itself too seriously, but it's always open to new ideas and opportunities. I love to cycle through the center of the city, Mitte, as it’s so easy to get to all my treasured places, great coffee at The Barn or my favourite cinema at Hackescher Markt showing independent films. Walking down Unter den Linden is always interesting, as I never fail to be impressed by the Dome and some of the beautiful Palaces that are being restored and if I want to make a quick visit to one of the museums close by, then it’s a short walk away. So when the weekend comes I feel I have a choice of undiscovered adventurer’s right on my doorstep…Berlin the best city in the world.

Whom we work with



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